Capri Global Capital

India, Africa, Middle East

herehhhile mature, western real estate markets still represent excellent areas for defensive investment in markets that offer deep liquidity, high risk-adjusted returns are increasingly available in higher growth, emerging markets. Capri Global Capital, Ltd. (Cayman) was established specifically to thoughtfully explore investment opportunities in these high growth markets, focusing on select commercial markets in Africa, India and the Middle East.

  • Emerging or growth markets are capturing an increasing share of global economic output. This is probably no more apparent than in the US, which in the early 1950s produced nearly 40 percent of global economic output, yet today produces about 21 percent, which is down from 25 percent as recently as 2000.
  • Birth rates, on average, are markedly higher in non-Caucasian regions of the world, such as in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. A country’s sustainable economic growth generally equals percentage growth in population plus percentage gains in productivity. Both population growth and productivity gains, however, are falling in major western developed countries.
  • As growth markets continue to garnish increasing share of world output, institutional investors have sought exposure to international equities and bond investments. While investors will have different tolerances for risk and there are many investment strategies to achieve any desired end, Capri believes that institutional real estate investors who ignore global growth markets will increasingly do so at their own risk.

In the global growth regions Capri currently targets for investment, we seek to execute thoughtfully researched market strategies with highly qualified on-the-ground, local personnel. Capri superimposes thorough and time-tested investment processes, procedures and systems to manage risks and returns maximized, for prospective investments that will be recommended to our clients.



Capri Global Capital, Ltd., a Cayman Island exempted company (“CGC”, which is affiliated with Capri Capital Partners, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company), and Capri Global Capital Limited, a public company in India (“CGCL”), are separate companies that are unaffiliated. CGC entered into a licensing and strategic alignment agreement with CGCL in October 2012 where in the Capri name was adopted and Quintin E. Primo III became the Non-Executive Chairman of the board of directors of CGCL. There is currently no legal connection between the two companies; however, future investment or asset management activities in India on behalf of Capri Investment Group, or any of its affiliated companies, will prospectively be conducted through CGCL.