Given high economic growth, rapid urbanization, and soaring consumer spending, Capri Global Capital believes that most African markets are sorely lacking in quality commercial and residential real estate stock. Further, current, in-place urban infrastructure is woefully inadequate and struggling to keep up with the pace of economic expansion.

  • Africa’s economy is growing faster than the economies of all other continents. About one third of the 54 African countries are seeing annual GDP growth of more than 6%.
  • Natural resources, the related government spending they financed, generated just 32% of Africa’s GDP growth from 2000 through 2012. The remaining two-thirds came from other sectors, including wholesale and retail, transportation, telecommunications, and manufacturing.
  • Africa will soon have the world’s youngest and largest workforce – today exceeding 500 million people.
  • In many African countries, urbanization is boosting productivity, demand, and investment. Today, 42% of the continent’s one billion people live in cities – a proportion roughly comparable to China and larger than India.
  • There is a huge and rapidly growing consumption demand in Africa for basic services and goods. Rapid urbanization and a well-informed expanding middle class is creating demand for “world class” property assets.



Paul B. Edwards

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Edwards is a partner and oversees the firm’s marketing and investment activities across Africa, India, and the Middle East and is President of Capri Africa. He is a member of the Global Management Board. Mr. Edwards has more than 30 years of international securities and investment banking structuring experience. Prior to joining Capri, Mr. Edwards served as Managing Director and Head of North and South America Asset Securitization for WestLB and WestLB Panmure Securities. Mr. Edwards began his career as a commercial lender at Citibank, N.A. in the 1970s, ultimately serving in management positions in Africa and the Middle East for nearly 10 years. He brings a wealth of overseas investment experience to the firm. Mr. Edwards is on the advisory board of the Institutional Institute of New Jersey, a member of the National Association of Securities Professionals, and is a trustee and president of the United Methodist Foundation of greater new Jersey Annual Conference. Mr. Edwards holds a Master of Business Administration degree from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Economics from Dartmouth College.

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