Capri perceived opportunity in India in 2012 when many “hot money” and other momentum investors were exiting the country. Economic conditions at the time were adverse, with GDP growth slowing, the currency plummeting, and the current account deficit of 5 to 6% unsustainably high. Along with an unstable government led by the Congress party, these factors reasonably caused investors to question the long-term viability of the country.

Capri, however, had a different perspective. We perceived a nation that with over one billion people was large and steadily urbanizing and, importantly, had a quickly growing middle-class. We observed a country that valued education, was extremely entrepreneurial and had a populous that aspired to improve their station in life. We believed these factors would ultimately trump political and transitory economic conditions. To this end, the historic election of 2014 has given the new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, a clear mandate to lead the nation and to refocus and reinvigorate the Indian economy.

We remain confident that vibrant growth will again return and in the process, create opportunity for Capri Global Capital Limited (India) (CGCL), a leading NBFC listed on Indian Stock Exchanges and headquartered in Mumbai. Since its founding in 1997, CGCL has been involved in a wide range of financial advisory services. Today, the company focuses on two lines of business important to the growth of the Indian economy: Wholesale Lending, which targets the residential and commercial real estate sector with term loans heavily secured by land and/or buildings; and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Lending, which focuses on small, secured business loans for machinery and equipment, working capital, business capacity expansion as well as other uses by growing enterprises.

CGCL and Capri Global Capital, Ltd. (Cayman) forged a licensing and strategic alliance agreement in 2012, and going forward, CGCL will serve as the primary real estate investment vehicle in India, while maintaining its independent core business.

Quintin Primo was named the Non-executive Chairman of CGCL in August 2013. Certain members of Capri’s Global Management Board have been, and continue to be, involved in the research and exploration of joint venture opportunities in the Indian market.



  • Mr. Bipin Kabra, Director – Finance
  • Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Promoter Director
  • Ms. Bhagyam Ramani, Independent Director
  • Mr. Beni Prasad Rauka, Independent Director
  • Mr. Mukesh Kacker, Independent Director
  • Mr. T. R. Bajalia, Independent Director
  • Mr. D.R. Dogra, Independent Director