Investment Philosophy

Capri is an experienced investor employing a secular, “whole cycle” investment strategy. Instead of market timing, Capri seeks to invest in assets that most efficiently monetize persistent long-term drivers of asset demand, thus returns are not dependent on purchasing assets at a discount early in a cycle as a momentum investor.


  1. REAL ESTATE IS, FIRST AND FOREMOST, AN INCOME VEHICLE. Therefore, Capri’s primary focus is to generate stable and increasing property cash flow, which creates value and the potential for appreciation.
  2. PROPERTY MARKETS ARE INHERENTLY INEFFICIENT. We believe this can allow skilled investors to capture returns greater than the commensurate level of assumed risk.
  3. REAL ESTATE IS NOT A COMMODITY. Rather, it is a unique asset that requires a highly experienced and specialized staff to properly underwrite, structure and manage based on the individual characteristics of the property and its sponsors.
  4. THE INVESTMENT PROCESS DOES NOT END WITH PROPERTY ACQUISITION OR DEVELOPMENT. The origination of an investment signals the beginning of value creation. Proactive asset management is an absolute requirement to execute an investment strategy successfully.
  5. THE INVESTOR AND ADVISOR SHOULD BE ALIGNED. Capri achieves alignment through fee structure, co-investment of other forms of risk sharing in partnership with our clients.

This philosophy is the framework for which the professionals at Capri seek investment opportunities in markets both domestically and abroad.