Capri has assembled a team of real estate investment management professionals that is reflective of the world in which the firm invests. Being reflective of world communities is part of the over-arching strategy of the organization.

Our investment and management team embodies a spirit of diversity — in background, way of life, origin, education, professional experience and in many other ways. The resultant is a group of highly trained and experienced real estate investment professionals that offer different perspective and viewpoints, which in the end, makes for a more thorough investment process.

The management team of Capri brings significant tenure and cohesiveness to bear on behalf of our clients. Our partners and principals average over 27 years of commercial real estate experience, and over 12 years at Capri.


Executive Committee

  • Quintin E. Primo III

    Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
    Capri Investment Group, LLC

  • Louis W. Hoyes

    Senior Advisor, Investments

  • Paul B. Edwards

    Vice Chairman, Africa, India and Middle East, Capri Global Capital, Ltd.
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Capri Africa, Ltd.

Executive Management

Affiliated Companies