Message from the Chairman

My colleagues and I at Capri have a singular focus — delivering compelling, risk-adjusted performance to our clients. While easy to say, the challenge is to deliver.

Demographic shifts have significantly altered the supply/demand curve for high quality, institutional grade real estate. People are living longer, marrying later, and, in many areas, populations are growing rapidly, creating a need for relevant services and investment in supportive infrastructure. These trends are leading to rapid urbanization, and re-urbanization, which is causing the demand for acceptable housing, office and retail space, as well as social and physical infrastructure, to outpace supply. What was then a divided existence is now a healthy blend of new norms, new spirits, and new ideas that affect the way we live, work and play. A “new urbanism” is indeed upon us.

This new dynamic is still in its early stages, but at Capri we see this as an opportunity that cannot be ignored. As such, we have realigned and broadened our business so that we can better address these and other trends and develop unique investment options for our clients.

Capri Investment Group is a global investment manager with two primary U.S. and international platforms: Capri Capital Partners, an investment management organization that has existed for over 20 years, focuses on domestic opportunities. Capri Global Capital, formed in 2008, focuses on investment opportunities in selected high growth markets in India, Africa, and the Middle East. Both operating platforms are staffed with professional team members possessing significant experience in their respective areas of expertise. The five business units covered by these platforms are: Capri Capital Partners, Capri EGM, Capri Retail, Capri Global Capital and Capri Africa.

Capri gracefully embraces the evolving global diversity in how we think, in how we market, in our proprietary research, and how we engage with our clients. Our investment platforms respect tried-and-true investment practices, but use a new lens in which to view opportunity. As an early investor in underserved areas of major urban markets, Capri has shown that traditional investment practices and methods can and should be updated to reflect new economic drivers, which create unique investment options.

Each client’s investment needs are unique, and the partners, principals and staff of Capri are committed to addressing those needs with creative, results-oriented solutions that are grounded in our classic investment strategy, but amended for what we believe the future holds.

We look forward to working with you.